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Thanks for a great day on the river and lake with our grandsons.  Casey and the dock crew were terrific.

Randy Sellhorn 

Facebook Review by Sandy Robertson

Wed, 08/02/17 at 8:44 PM

"Freedom Boat Club has given us such joy as a family. The boats are beautifully maintained, so clean!! The deck hands are amazing. They are professional, proficient, kind and very patient. Lake Michigan couldn't be more beautiful and the St. Joe river is fun, too!! The marina is super convenient and the partnership with the Inn is terrific. I can't say enough good things!!!! This is one of the best decisions we ever made."

You cannot beat this club!!! What an amazing idea and perfectly executed. Well done Tom and Joni!!! We so enjoy being members of the St. Joseph branch of Freedom Boat Club!

Review by:   Katherine Jane Walk

Our membership in the Freedom Boat Club has not only been a great way to get back on the water after owning our own boat thirty years ago, but it literally changed our lives. On our trips up to the marina, we fell in love with St. Joseph, a Norman Rockwell step back in time with cobble stone streets, quaint shops, a magnificent beach, and American flags fluttering in the breeze from turn of the century front porches. On one of our boating trips, we encountered a cluster of beautiful pastel houses high on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. A week later, we bought one of them. 


Tom and Joan Armon will make you feel like family, and Freedom is a country club for boats with great service and none of the work that owning a boat entails. But joining the club is about so much more than boats. It's about being on the water, but more importantly it's about being near the water. And for our family, we decided that being near the water was something that we wanted to last longer than one summer or even ten summers. For us, being near the water can now be forever. 


The Freedom Boat will get you on the water...and it might change your life.


Tom and Sandy Robertson

Frankfort, Illinois

Hi Joan,

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much we enjoyed using your Marina and Time 2 Cruise, we loved it!  St. Joe's and the hotel was wonderful, your staff, John, Casey, Kelly, and I think his name was Jack, but I'm not sure, were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  We had a great time and will most definitely be back.  We will also spread the word on our side of the state.  Thank you.

Patti Vrnak

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