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Discover the Benefits of Freedom Boat Club for REALTORS®

 Learn How Our Boat Club Can Boost Your Bottom Line!


If you are selling homes in communities where boating is a popular pastime, Freedom Boat Club may help you close more deals … and re-engage former clients!


Freedom Boat Club is the nation’s oldest and largest club, located in 22 states and Canada. With 15,000 members nationwide and more than 130 club locations, Freedom Boat Club is ideally suited to provide boating and water access for your buyers … without the traditional costs of boat ownership as explained below.









 Freedom Boat Club offers an attractive alternative to boat ownership and waterfront living. The club can help Real Estate Agents navigate smoother sales with buyers who want to go boating, but may not be ideally positioned or able to afford lakefront or waterfront property.






Freedom Boat Club is a private club featuring reciprocal access to a national fleet of 1500 top brand boats. Club members enjoy free unlimited 1:1 boat training, regular special events and fun social activities!





 Michael Saunders

Founder and CEO, 
Michael Saunders and Company, 
Sarasota, FL
















“Our partnership with Freedom Boat Club is one that just makes sense. We’re not just selling real estate, we’re selling a lifestyle and what better lifestyle option than boating. It’s been wonderful being able to offer our customers the boating options they so desire when they buy a home on Florida’s Gulf Coast. We’re thrilled with the level of professionalism that Freedom Boat Club brings to our customers and it’s truly a brand synergy between our two culturally aligned teams.”



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It’s a FACT: Real Estate Brokers and Agents have come aboard to partner with Freedom Boat Club in exclusive markets and have realized the outstanding potential and synergy associated with a customized Freedom Boat Club program.


  • The club offers special programs and incentives for Real Estate Agents.

  • Real Estate partners are able to offer special promotional discounts or exclusive terms to their home buyers or prospects for club membership. This allows buyers to purchase a home they can afford, while fulfilling their desire to boat.

  • Real Estate Agents simply introduce and refer prospects to the club. No special knowledge about boating is necessary. A referral fee is typically offered by the local club for any prospect who joins that was directly referred. 

  • When the boating lifestyle is a driver in the home purchase decision, the  FBC membership choice vs. buying a boat may result in more money available for a down payment for buyers, thereby helping them qualify for a higher priced home or one they might not otherwise be able to afford.

  • Brokers may extend this offer to their staff for their own personal enjoyment. In addition to the direct membership benefits, club membership also introduces the real estate agent to a new network within the affluent boating club community. And, what could be more fun than to cruise the shoreline to check out waterfront properties from the helm of your own club boat!